Thursday, June 1, 2023

June 2023 Update

My short stories “The Roxy Ruling,” previously published under the title “Roxy’s Rule” in New Myths in 2017, and “Where the Hearth Is,” which appeared in Home for the Howlidays, edited by M.L.D. Curelas and published by Tyche Books Ltd. in 2021, were included in WolfSinger Publications’  Tails From the Front Lines 2: The Thin Blue Line

The book was launched May 15th in conjunction with Law Enforcement Memorial Day. Proceeds from this anthology will be donated to the  El Paso County (Colorado) Sheriff's Office K9 program in memory of K9 Jinx who was killed in the line of duty on April 11, 2022. That's Jinx's photo on the cover of the book.

Tails From the Front Lines 2 includes the eulogy that was read at Jinx’s memorial service, as well as the “Last Call” for Jinx, both of which were quite emotional. Link for more information about the book:
Recent Publications
“After the Explorers,” “Feeding the Monster,” “The First,” and “Mars Colonists Are Interviewed,” Eccentric Orbits 4, Edited by Wendy Van Camp, Dimensionfold Publishing, May 2023,

“Chimerapet” and “Making a Run For It,” Scifaikuest online, May 2023,

“Retirement Life,” On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic, No. 123, Vol. 33 No. 1,

Camp Zero, by Michelle Min Sterling, posted May 1, 2023, on The Miramichi Reader site,
Summoning Space Travelers, by Angela Acosta, excerpted in Star*Line 46.2, Spring 2023, full review at
Tuesday’s Child is Full, by PS Cottier, excerpted in Star*Line 46.2, Spring 2023, full review at
Wine Witch on Fire: Rising from the Ashes of Divorce, Defamation, and Drinking Too Much, by Natalie MacLean, posted on The Miramichi Reader site, May 15, 2023
Short Stories:
As noted above, “The Roxy Ruling” (Previously published as “Roxy’s Rule” in New Myths) and “Where the Hearth Is” (first published in Home for the Howlidays) were included in Tails From the Front Lines 2: The Thin Blue Line, published by Wolfsinger Publishing May 15, 2023.
What I’m Working On
I’m continuing to work on reviews, as well as article ideas. Since reading C. Hope Clark’s article “The 25/50/25 Rule of Freelance Writing,” which was published on Writer’s Digest’s online site March 29, 2023, I’ve been trying to focus on stretching my writing goals, so I have sent, and will be sending, queries and articles to some new markets in the coming months. Another article by C. Hope Clark, this time in her newsletter Funds for Writers, titled “Finding the Balance” talked about the importance of devoting time to “long tail” activities, such as novels, and items with shorter completion times, so I've been finding time to plug away at some collection ideas that have been on the back burner.


Monday, May 1, 2023

May 2023 Update

With April being National Poetry Writing Month, I had set a target of writing a poem per day. I’m happy to say I exceeded that target, with over 40 poems (ranging from 3-liners to much longer) completed, and some already sent out to venues for consideration. I’m grateful for the prompts provided by the NaPoWriMo and Writer’s Digest websites, as well as the book Minimalism: A Handbook of Minimalist Genre Poetic Forms, edited by Teri Santitoro, for providing inspiration during this process.
Recent Publications
[“Oh, spare me the tails and top hat,”], posted on Saturday Evening Post Limerick Laughs as runner-up for the January/February 2023 limerick contest,

Dinner on Mars: The Technologies That Will Feed the Red Planet and Transform Agriculture on Earth, by Lenore Newman and Evan Fraser, posted in Interstellar Flight Magazine April 17, 2023,
The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II, by Denise Kiernan, posted on Goodreads, April 2, 2023.
The Wisdom Found in Hen’s Teeth, by Jules Torti, posted on The Miramichi Reader site, April 17, 2023,
Short Stories:
“By Ox and Axe,” initially published in The Quilliad, is now available in audio version on Robert Topp’s Read Me a Story, Ink! site. The purpose of this site is to serve as a reading resource children, parents, and teachers. In the case of “By Ox and Axe,” Robert has included the words below the sound bar, explaining, “That is a new feature I have added so that kids can read along as they listen. I have been told by a number of teachers that that would be useful to challenged readers.” Those interested in checking it out can do so by visiting the link below 
What I’m Working On
For May, my focus will be completing book reviews, some assigned and some to be sent in on spec.
Coming Soon
On May 15th in conjunction with Law Enforcement Memorial Day, WolfSinger Publications will launch Tails From the Front Lines 2: The Thin Blue Line. Proceeds from this anthology will be donated to the  El Paso County (Colorado) Sheriff's Office K9 program in memory of K9 Jinx who was killed in the line of duty on April 11, 2022. Two of my stories, “The Roxy Ruling,” previously published under the title “Roxy’s Rule” in New Myths in 2017, and “Where the Hearth Is,” which appeared in Home for the Howlidays, edited by M.L.D. Curelas and published by Tyche Books Ltd. in 2021, are included in this anthology.
Not as soon, but on the horizon, I’ve had a story accepted for Bikes in Space Volume 10, to be titled The Bicyclist's Guide to the Galaxy. Microcosm Press has posted a pre-order page, and they plan to run a Kickstarter project for the book September-ish.


Saturday, April 1, 2023

April 2023 update

When I was growing up, I saw team sports as a gig for the relatively young. As an athlete, whatever I played, I played as hard as I could. Due in part to gradually deteriorating knees, I gave up competitive sport in my 40s.

My presumptions about sport and age were challenged when I read a copy of Soccer Grannies: The South African Women Who Inspire the World. Written by Jean Duffy, the book revolves around a soccer team from South Africa composed of women ranging in age from their 40s to their 80s. 

These women find sport to be a wellspring of fitness, fun, and companionship. See the reference below for a link to a review I posted on Goodreads. Soccer Grannies launches May 10, 2023. An inspiring read.

Recent Publications (links are provided for those you can access online, free of charge)
“Occult Cases Squad,” Spaceports and Spidersilk, February 2023, Hiraeth Publishing.

“It’s Only Cute When They’re Little,” “Dogs in Space,” and “[Earth recedes],” Scifaikuest February 2023 print, Hiraeth Publishing.

Birnam Wood, by Eleanor Catton, posted on Goodreads March 9, 2022,
Eclipsing the Aurora, by Peter J. Foote, posted on The Miramichi Reader site, March 15, 2023,
Soccer Grannies: The South African Women Who Inspire the World, by Jean Duffy, posted on Goodreads March 21, 2023,
A review of Soccer Grannies was also posted on the Sports Literature Association's review site, March 29, 2023,

“Heart of Gold,” Cosmic Crime, March 2023, Hiraeth Publishing.
“The Saboteur” and “The Upper Hand,” Drabble Harvest #8: Out the Airlock, Hiraeth Publishing.
“Steampunk Horse,” artwork, Scifaikuest, February 2023 print, Hiraeth Publishing.
What I’m Working On
Through April, I’ll be attempting the poem-a-day challenge, hoping to come out of it with at least 30 poems. I also plan to make progress on some non-fiction article ideas.


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

March 2023 Update

 This year, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association changed their method of selecting poems for the Rhysling Anthology. There’s now a two-step process, where members first nominate poems in the “short” and “long” categories. That step is now complete. I’m happy to say that two of my poems, “After the Quest is Over,” and “First Contact,” both made it onto the long list. Both poems were published in Eye to the Telescope, in issues 46 and 44 respectively. The second step will see the numbers winnowed down by an editorial team, to determine which entries get tagged for the Anthology itself, and for award eligibility.
Recent Publications
“Send in the Clowns,” “[black hole],” “[dreading],” Scifaikuest February 2023 online, Hiraeth Publishing,
Death Interrupted: How Modern Medicine is Complicating the Way We Die, by Blair Bigham, MD, posted on The Miramichi Reader web site, February 20, 2023,
“Finding a Place in the Medieval,” a review of Thinking Queerly, by Jes Battis, Interstellar Flight Magazine, February 6, 2023,
The Garrett Bluenose Patterns: Celebrating Nova Scotia’s Rug Hooking Heritage, by The Teachers Branch, Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia, posted on The Miramichi Reader web site, February 22, 2023,
The Ugly Truth, by Ira Nayman, posted on The Miramichi Reader web site, February 26, 2023,
What I’m Working On
Though I’ve been focusing on fiction for the past few months, March will see a shift to some non-fiction writing, as I have several ideas on the back burner.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

February 2023 Update

Recent Publications

“The Frankenstein Creature, in Other Genres,” Eye to the Telescope, Issue 47, January 2023,

Hypatia’s Wake, by Susan Andrews Grace, The Miramichi Reader, posted January 15, 2023,
Pirating Pups: Salty Sea-Dogs and Barking Buccaneers, edited by Rhonda Parrish, published in Shelter of Daylight, January 2023, Hiraeth Publishing,
Tumblehome: One Woman’s Canoeing Adventures in the Divine Near Wilderness, by Brenda Missen, The Miramichi Reader, posted January 30, 2023,
Worth More Standing: Poets and Activists Pay Homage to Trees, Edited by Christine Lowther, The Miramichi Reader, posted January 23, 2023,
Short Stories:
Several of my stories can now be accessed at the Read Me A Story, Ink website, a reading resource for kids, parents, and teachers, located at Joining Andi’s Birthday, which was already on the site, are In Other Words, Mission to Galavia, By Ox and Axe, and Changes. Mission to Galavia is a sequel to In Other Words, while By Ox and Axe takes Paul Bunyan to the stars.
What I’m Working On
This month, I’ll be working on reviews as well as short stories, primarily; some poetry as time or inclination permits.
Coming Soon
One poem is scheduled to appear in the February 2023 issue of Spaceports and Spidersilk, while others will be included in the February issue of Scifaikuest. I’ll also have some reviews appearing in various venues in February.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

January 2023 Update

My dog Chet (seen at left chilling with a new acquisition) always enjoys getting a new toy, and I suppose I like new things too. As I write this paragraph, it's January 1, 2023, and a new year always represents new opportunities and a fresh start. 

Not that 2022 was a "bad" year from a writing perspective. I had around 40 poems of various lengths published, as well as a poetry collection. Five original pieces of fiction saw publication for the first time in 2022, and two reprints made it into anthologies. As well, 27 book reviews and one article appeared in print or online venues. 

December 2022 Highlights
In December 2022 I had a poem and a short story appear in New Myths Issue 61, Winter 2022. The poem, “Ghost Train,” is based on experiences walking the trails in Earl Rowe Provincial Park in Ontario. I also had “At the Magical Furniture Store” appear in Polar Starlight Issue 7, December 2022. These items can be viewed for free by following the link provided (as is the case for the A World of Curiosities book review, the Not a Princess review, and the “Cruising” short story, another Quicksilver and Pepper tale.)
Recent Publications
“At the Magical Furniture Store,” Polar Starlight, Issue 7, December 2022,

“Ghost Train,”, Vol. 16, Issue 61, Winter 2022,

“Proxima Set-up Crew Opts to Stay,” Star*Line Vol. 46.1, Winter 2022.
[shuffling cards], [stunning discovery], Scifaikuest November 2022, print, Hiraeth Publishing
Not a Princess, But (Yes) There Was a Pea, and Other Fairy Tales to Foment Revolution, by Rebecca Buchanan, Star*Line 46.1, Winter 2022. The review is posted on the SFPA web site,
A World of Curiosities, by Louise Penny, posted on The Miramichi Reader web site December 10, 2022,
Short Stories:
“Cruising,”, Vol. 16, Issue 61, Winter 2022,
What I’m Working On
This month I expect to be working on a variety of items: poetry, fiction, book reviews, and creative non-fiction. There are several January and February 2023 submission calls I’m interested in, so lots of work to do to polish pieces up and send them out.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

December 2022 Update

We were fortunate to enjoy good weather (meaning, not a whole lot of snow and what we have had hasn’t stayed long) through November. On the morning of December 1, though, as I post this, there is white stuff falling slowly from the sky, as if warning us that the spate of pleasant weather won't last, so I feel a little like my dog Chet, shown in the image above seeking a warm spot to hide out. 

Through the month of November, I tackled the National Novel Writing Month challenge. Having found last year that for me, personally, shooting for the target of 50,000 words resulted in burnout, I set a more modest target of 25,000 words and an attempt to write daily through the month, both of which I managed to do.

Recent Publications
The Madness of Crowds, by Louise Penny, posted on The Miramichi Reader site, November 11, 2022, 

The Zone: Rediscovering Our Natural Self, by Rob Wood, posted on The Miramichi Reader site November 18, 2022,

“Taking Flight with Speculative Poetry,” published in Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers newsletter November 11, 2022.

What I’m Working On
I made progress on several short stories during the month of November. Some have already been sent out in response to submission calls. Others will require some editing and refinement in the coming months. I remain grateful for K.M. Weiland’s books as I progress through the short story process. During November, I spent a lot of time using her Creating Character Arcs workbook to set the foundations for stories I was working on.

Coming Soon
During the month of December, I have a couple of pieces scheduled to appear on the New Myths site; more about that with the next post.