Monday, September 3, 2018

September already?

Hard to believe September has already arrived. Seems like the summer just started . . .

Nonetheless, here it is—and as the season changes from summer to fall, I've decided to try something new: providing regular blog updates on recent and pending publications, as well as projects I'm currently working on. 

I'm embarking on this project, not out of a sense of ego (I hope), but because readers sometimes what to know what writers are up to. Plus, I enjoy the monthly newsletter Louise Penny, one of my favourite authors, puts out each month, because I enjoy her stuff and particularly like hearing about what she's working on, and when her books are going to launch.

It's in the spirit of letting people know what I'm up to, writing-wise, that I'm launching this feature of the site. So let's start with:

New releases
This month saw the launch of Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Yes, which includes a piece I wrote, entitled "What's the Story". "What's the Story" dates back to my days at McMaster University in Hamilton, and how I got my start volunteering with the student newspaper as a sports writer. The great thing about being published in a Chicken Soup anthology is that you get several free copies of the book. I'm taking full advantage of that by reading what my fellow writers had to say about their own outside-the-comfort-zone experiences. I'm about half-way through the book at this point, and really enjoying it.

August also saw the launch of the Future Days Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology published by Castrum Press ( This anthology includes my story "The Caller". Future Days features 17 stories, penned by individuals such as New York Times Bestseller Christopher G. Nuttall, and Amazon Bestsellers, PP Corcoran and Rick Partlow.

The September 2018 issue of Nomadic Delirium's The Fifth Dimension has just come out, and it includes "The Messenger's Mission", an alternate-history story based on the Medusa myth. You can find it here:

Also in August, spurred by a suggestion one of the anthology publishers made to its authors, I set up an Amazon Author profile. Though I had my trepidations, the process turned out to be pretty straightforward.

Coming Soon
New Myths ( a publication I've had three short stories and two poems published in to date, has a new anthology coming out in the fall, Passages, Best of New Myths Anthology Volume 1. The book's theme is exploring the joys and challenges of entering and surviving a new stage in life. The antho will include one of my favorite stories, "Roxy". Roxy is a story of an AI-enhanced police dog. More deeply than that, the story touches on what our responsibility is to the animals we use, and in this case, enhance, for jobs like police work. The volume will also feature a poem of mine entitled "Fidelis Reinvented". New Myths is planning a kickstarter campaign, beginning September 15th.

I'm looking forward to the launch of Tesseracts' Nevertheless, scheduled for September 2018. This anthology includes a poem I wrote, entitled "With Two Left Feet". Although former teammates may suspect it's about my hockey playing days, the poem is actually a futuristic piece about how we find hope even in dark times.  

Also coming soon (October) is an anthology entitled From A Cat's POV, issued by Post-to-Print Publishers. I have three contributions in this anthology. The first is a sci-fi short story "The Open Road", about the adventures of a ship's cat named Quicksilver. There are also two poems inspired by the antics of my cat Smokey (see photos below) during the too-brief time he lived with us. The poems are titled "Moonlight" and "A Cat's Confession". You can find out more about the anthology here:

What I'm Working On
I'm currently working at wrapping up some book reviews I've committed to. I'm also progressing, albeit more slowly than I'd like, on a sci-fi short story that references the Last Spike, and have some other short stories in process as well. Main focus for the coming month will be to get some more short stories in the submission queue.

I also signed up for a contest called "WYRM's Gauntlet", which involves completing a number of challenges. The first is reading and reviewing a specific story (one I'd never encountered before) by Harlan Ellison. Only eight competitors get chosen to advance to the next round, so here's hoping  . . .