Friday, March 1, 2019

Spring Is Coming, Right?

An unusual amount of freezing rain here in Southwestern Ontario so far in 2019. Good for writing, though. When the roads are too treacherous to venture outdoors, it gives you a good excuse to take a seat in front of the laptop for awhile.

Recent Publications
A short story entitled "Breakaway" appeared in Issue #1 of Nomadic Delirium's Mundanities in early February. You can find information about the issue here:

"It Is Said" (fantasy poem) and a review of Edward Willett's poetry book, I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust appeared in Star*Line Issue 42.1 (Winter 2019)

Coming Soon
A poem entitled "Long Gone" is scheduled to appear in Issue 133 of Space and Time, due out around March 20, 2019.

What I'm Working On
Until March 15th, I'll still be collecting speculative poetry submissions for Eye to the Telescope Issue 32: Sports and Games, which I am guest editing. Lots of good submissions so far, and looking forward to seeing the final edition go online in April 2019.

I have more ideas for short stories than I can keep up with, so working on bringing some of those ideas to fruition (ah, the tricky part). Based on some of my more recent experiences, I'm going back to trying more up-front thinking before getting started on the meat of the story. This seems to help me provide the appropriate amount of detail, as opposed to just glossing things over. It also tends to reduce the number of dead ends I encounter.

Also catching up on my book review commitments. Some volumes were delayed in the mail, but they're starting to catch up with me—which is a good thing, right?

And poetry ideas continue to suggest themselves, sometimes sparked by news items, sometimes initiated by poetry exercises from books like Wingbeats II or The Crafty Poet.

So, keeping busy, even though it may not look like it from the publication report for February.

On to March. Looking forward to seeing the robins . . .

Friday, February 1, 2019

Winter's Here—Time to Write

Don't know about you, but in late January, winter set in with a vengeance around here. By the end of the month, we were digging out from significant snowfall and trying our best to stay warm. On the plus side, the weather made sitting in front of the computer seem pretty inviting, so I've been getting a fair bit of traction on my various writing projects.

Recent Publications
Have you ever wondered whether attending a visitation or funeral and sharing your positive or funny memories of the deceased with their loved ones matters? My guest post on January 21, 2019 on the Warpworld blog shares my views on the matter.

I also had the opportunity to appear on Canadian writer Colleen Anderson's blog, promoting the next issue of Eye to the Telescope, which I will be guest editing. You can find the link to the blog here, and if it inspires you to submit something to Eye to the Telescope Issue 32: Sports and Games, all the better!

The Saturday Evening Post runs a limerick contest, where they provide an image and invite people to submit a limerick to go with it. I've been a runner-up a couple of times, but was thrilled to get the nod for top spot for the September/October 2018 contest. You can see the winning limerick, and the image that inspired it, here:

In January, I received my print copy of Third Wednesday, Volume XII, No. 1. This particular issue included two of my offerings, "Lost at Sea" (inspired by the orca whale that refused, for a time, to give up its dead calf), and "Canoe Trip, Massasauga Provincial Park". 

Nomadic Delirium's January 2019 Spaceports and Spidersilk included "Dorvan cuisine", a speculative poem.

Coming Soon
Though I only have a few pieces scheduled to come out in February (poems in the print and online versions of Scifaikuest), I have some interesting items coming out later in the year that I'll share a little later.

What I'm Working On
One of the reasons I retired at my earliest opportunity is to reduce stress. In line with that, I've tried to give myself more lead time with writing projects, so it's not always a last-minute scramble. To that end, I'm working on some stories right now with May and June submission dates, as well as re-furbing some of my past story ideas for re-submission to other markets.

Also still trying to exercise the poetry muscle, and from time to time digging into the research I did for my never-completed Master's thesis to see if some sort of non-fiction project might emerge from that.

Till next time...

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January 2019 update

New releases

I had the honour of having a non-fiction piece included in the "Heart and Humanity" section of Relationship Blogger. The piece is entitled "My Grandmother's Legacy", and it includes a black-and-white photo of my mom and I when I was about a year old. Here's the link:

Passages, an anthology that includes two pieces previously published in New Myths,  a short story entitled "Roxy" and a poem, "Fidelus Reinvented", came out in December, 2018. Information can be found here:

Canadian author Edward Willett was kind enough to send me a review copy of his novel Worldshaper. My review appeared on The Future Fire's web site:

I also had a short item about a milkweed seed collection activity I participated in included in the Norfolk Field Naturalists' newsletter and web site:

What I'm Working On

Right now I'm polishing up some non-fiction pieces for submission. There are a few short story ideas in the works as well, with an eye on January and February 2019 deadlines.

Till next time...