Short Stories

Short stories published in magazines and anthologies:

Environmental theme
"Downpour", Mother's Revenge anthology, Scary Dairy Press, Spring 2017. Explores the effects of flooding and weather events become more severe due to climate change.

Animal protagonist stories
"Roxy", New Myths, Issue 32, September, 2015. The bitter-sweet fictional story of the first AI-enhanced police dogs.

"Roxy's Rule", New Myths, September, 2017 (sequel to "Roxy"). As St. Exupery said, we are responsible for what we create...

"Into the Ring", New Myths, Issue 34, March 2016. A canine undercover operative struggles to triumph against the odds.

"War of Attrition", Dogs of War anthology, January 2017. Is the water dish half empty, or half full?

"Gone", New Myths, Issue 44. After an alien invasion, a border collie searches a changed world for signs of her missing master.

"The Open Road", From A Cat's View anthology, Post to Print Publishers, 2018. Ship's cat Quicksilver learns that it's hard to outrun your past.

"Mission on Nemistat", Electric Spec, November 30, 2018. Star learns that sometimes, it's enough to know that you're making a difference.

Space Opera
"By Ox and Axe", The Quilliad, Issue 6, November 2015. Paul Bunyan meets the space age.

"The Altimus Mission", Outposts of Beyond, October 2016. Giant monarch butterflies, anyone?

"Flying by Instinct", The Martian Wave, Nomadic Delirium, 2017. An ancient artifact helps a young man navigate, both figuratively and literally.

"Road Trip", Visions VII: Universe, Lillicat Press, 2017. Sometimes, cuteness is over-rated.

"The Turning, Outposts of Beyond, Alban Lake Publishing, April, 2018. Another look at the legend of Gelert.

"The Messenger's Mission", The Fifth Dimension, Nomadic Delirium, September 2018. In an alternate universe, three figures from Greek mythology become monster hunters--and put a different twist on an old story.

"The Chienchat Conundrum", The Martian Wave, 2018. On Arcadia, a planet settled by New Brunswick colonists, two biologists study a native species with some hidden capabilities.

Teen/YA Protagonist Stories
"In Other Words", CBAY Books' A Thousand Words for War anthology. Humans and Galavians team up to uncover a plot to sabotage peace talks.

"Changes", The Monsters Hiding in Your Closet, CBAY Books, 2017. A girl with hockey aspirations is faced with an unusual choice.

"Andi's Birthday", Allegory, Issue 29/56. In a post-apocalyptic world, a road hockey game provides a way for old enemies to become friends.

Earth-based sci-fi stories
"A Fork in the River", Del Sol Review SFF, published online November, 2016. If we could choose to do it over again, would we?

"Improvised Luck", Twelve Days, Patchwork Raven, February, 2017. A participant in a reality TV show revolving around the famous Christmas carol realizes things are not always what they seem.

"A Requiem for the Fallen", CBAY Books' Witches and Ogres anthology, Spring 2016. Monster is as monster does.

"Blame It On the Zucchini", Thema, Spring 2017. Maybe there's no such thing as too much zucchini.

"Deja Vu", Third Flatiron Anthologies Book 15, January 2016. A bit of genetic tampering turns sour.

"Almost Forgotten", Only the Lonely anthology, Alban Lake Publishing, January, 2018. An ex-cop ensconced in a retirement home stumbles across a dangerous secret.

"It's All Good", Enter the Rebirth anthology, TANSTAAFL, June, 2018. A softball player realizes that the first Olympics after the Pandemic aren't quite what they're made out to be.

"The Caller", Future Days, a Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology published by Castrum Press, 2018. After her father makes a belated revelation, a woman questions her chosen line of work.

Sci-Fi Short Humor
"Etiquette for Dealing with the Ship's Cat", Third Flatiron, March 2017

"Advice for the 2060s Birder", Third Flatiron, Galileo's Theme Park, June 2018