Below is an abridged listing of Lisa's published poems, both speculative and non-speculative.

Speculative Poetry
"A Second Helping" and "Celebration", Polar Borealis, Issue 3, November/December 2016
"After the Crash", "Change" (print); "Finding the Words", "First Contact" (online), Scifaikuest, March 2017
"Breaking the News", Eye to the Telescope, April, 2017
"Butterflies on Degna", "He's Come So Far", and "Cravings", Scifaikuest, print edition, August 2018
"Command Decision", Outposts of Beyond, July 2015
"Dorvan cuisine", Spaceports and Spidersilk, January, 2019
"False Daylight", "Pioneer Spirit", "Rescue", "Seeking Other Lands", and "Those Who Remain", Outposts of Beyond, July 2017 (feature poet)
"Fidelis Reinvented", New Myths, Issue 43, June 2018
"Foreshadowing", Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine, Issue 28
"Ghost Stories", Sounds of the Night, Alban Lake Publishing
"History Waits to be Written", Polar Borealis, Issue 7
"How Will They Judge Us", The Future Fire, Issue 2017.42
"Just Another Trip to Mars", Scifaikuest online, August 2017; "Fetch on Mars", "Fresh Back from Weeks in Space", "Hip-Hoppers", Scifaikuest, print, August 2017
"Long Jump", Selfie", "Titan Spider" and "Two Suns Setting", Scifaikuest, August 2015
"Marvel of Us, The", Star*Line, Fall 2018
"New to Beta 3", Spaceports and Spidersilk, June 30, 2017
"One Day", Star*Line 40.4, Fall, 2017
"One Last Time", Mobius, December 2018
"One Man's Trash", New Myths, December, 2017
"One Special Night", Scifaikuest, November 2018, print
"Over It", Dreams and Nighmares, September 2018
"Robot Dreams", Eye to the Telescope, Robots theme, January 2017
"Scarcity", Grievous Angel (online), June 19, 2017
"Some Things Come Unbidden", The Martian Wave, 2015
"That Dry Feeling", Liquid Imagination, February, 2017
"The Defendant's Plea" and "She Doesn't Understand", Illumen, Autumn 2017
"The Horsemen Wait", Contemporary Haibun Online, October, 2017
"The Inventor" and "She Wonders", Polar Borealis #4
"The Next Pioneers" and "Bring Not the Axe", Outposts of Beyond, October 2016
"The Stars May Beckon, But Still", The Martian Wave, 2016
"The Valkyries Ride On", Lorelei Signal, fall 2015
"Understanding" and "Will They", The Martian Wave, 2018
"Unknown Quantity", Star*Line, Fall 2016, Issue 39.4
"What Really Happened", New Myths, Issue 44, September, 2018
"When the Stars Align", Scifaikuest, November 2018, print
"When the Wild West Meets the Next Frontier", Star*Line, Fall 2018
[whirring of wheels on asphalt], Star*Line, Fall 2018

Other Poetry
"Eye in the Storm", "Some Itsy-Bitsy Questions", "They Remember", and "For Laika", Lynn River Review III: Renaissance, Resonance, 2018"Good Reasons", Contemporary Haibun Online, September, 2018
"[his opponents were tough..."], Saturday Evening Post Limerick Laughs, winner for September/October 2018 contest
"In Any Language", THEMA: Is There a Word for That? (vol. 30, no. 1, spring 2018)
"In the Shadows", Contemporary Haibun Online, March, 2017
"Island Life", Parks and Points web site, April 26, 2018
"Kettling" (poem), Third Wednesday, July 2017
"Lost at Sea" and "Canoe Trip, Massasauga Provincial Park", Third Wednesday, Volume XII, No. 1"Moonlight" and "A Cat's Confession", From A Cat's View, Post to Print Publishers, 2018
"Moose", Nature's Healing Spirit, Sowing Creek Press, April, 2018