Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December 2018 update

My story "Mission on Nemistat" went online on Electric Spec November 30th. It's another anthro story with an AI-enhanced canine as the protagonist. You can find it here:

Electric Spec was kind enough to invite me, as well as other authors, to contribute to their blog. You can see what I had to say about "Mission on Nemistat" by following this link:

I recently received my copy of Dreams and Nightmares, September 2018, which explores what happens when Little Miss Muffet grows up (and becomes an arachnology professor...), as well as Star*Line Fall 2018, which includes three of my poems: "When the Wild West Meets the Frontier", "The Marvel of Us", and "whirring of wheels on asphalt".

Scifaikuest November 2018 print edition contained two haibun poems, "When the Stars Align", and "One Special Night". 

Mobius also published a poem entitled "One Last Time", which you can find at the link below:

Coming Soon

Also coming in December is a post on the Relationship Blogger's "Heart and Humanity" blog. I'll post the link in the next update. December should see the publication of two poems in the Third Wednesday quarterly publication. 

There's also a short story pending publication about one of my favourite creations, women's professional hockey player turned detective Moira Jenkins. More about that when the anthology hits the press.

What I'm Working On

Another Moira Jenkins story is out on the submission trail, while a third one is undergoing some fine-tuning. I'm also working on some short stories to fit various calls for submission that have caught my interest. 

I still have a backlog of story ideas (including some completed stories that didn't garner acceptances and need some fine-tuning) that I'm working through, so the focus has been more prose than poetry lately.

From time to time, though, a news story gets my interest and spurs some poetic efforts. Not all get published first time around, but one of them (about the orca whale that hung onto its dead offspring for days on end) did land in the Third Wednesday acceptance pool, and others are out there looking for a home. 

Till next time...