Thursday, January 25, 2018

Doomsday Clock Inches Forward

Just read on CBC news that the Doomsday Clock has moved closer to midnight.
The hypothetical clock measures how close humanity is to destroying ourselves and the world we live on.
While not exactly uplifting news, it's not surprising that the clock's hands have been moved. With all the posturing about nuclear war and climate change denial in the news these past few months, it's more a question of "what took you so long?"
Here's a link to a CBC story on the topic, for those interested:
And, in honor of this story, here's a link to a haibun of mine published in Contemporary Haibun Online in their September, 2017 edition:

Wouldn't it be great if people come across this poem a few decades from now, and say, "Imagine that, feeling so close to destruction back then. We're in much better shape now."
It's possible. Back in 1991, the hands were set at seventeen minutes to midnight. Still too close, but a bit more breathing room.

Things can change for the better—we need to believe that, and do what we can to make it so.
For the sake of my grandchildren, I hope we're successful.